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Times Higher Education did a comprehensive research and came out with results that eight of the world's Top Ten Universities are located in the U.S. This goes a long way in stating that educational institutions in the U.S. provide quality education which is globally recognized.


Now, every country has a top university, through which you can get a comfortable job and lead a happy life. So, why should you bother to go to U.S. for an education? Here are few reasons to make US your study destination.


International Exposure

America has one of the largest shares of the international student community i.e. nineteen percent of the world wide student community choose America as their preferred global destination for education. Every year the number of students immigrating to the United States increases. Students from countries as far as Indonesia to students as close as Mexico attend teaching programs in American Universities.


With such assorted mixture of cultures in the education system, you have exposure to diverse cultures and traditions. Your capability and credibility to mingle with, and work with a myriad of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures are established.


Your level of competence shows when you learn to deal with people of diverse cultures and origins.


Standard of Living

The standard of living does not only refer to the amount of money an average citizen earns, but also depends on many factors like, availability of material goods, place in the happiness index, per capita income, life expectancy, health, and other factors. Students cite the standard of living as one of the main reasons for opting to study in the country.


Use of Technology

Gone are the days when institutions depicted high educational standards with the implementation of the LED projectors in a classroom. Institutes put in a lot of marketing material around stating that they now teach students through visual means, which is by showing an animated video to explain complex theories and concepts.


The United States, considered as the seat of innovation and a pioneer in implementing the latest in technology, has never let us down. Moreover, this comes as no surprise that educational institutions in the country have now started using Virtual Reality to help students in understanding difficult topics. Imagine! The clarity and the thorough understanding you get by using Virtual Reality tools.



US Education System

The system of education in U.S. is quite different in regards to the education system of other countries. It is better for you to be aware of the differences before you apply for a visa to be better prepared to handle the circumstances.


Duration of the course

The undergraduate program in the U.S. is for four years, and an undergraduate has the option to opt directly for a Ph.D. upon its completion. Whereas, in other countries, you are required to complete a two-year Master’s course before being entitled to a Ph.D. degree.


The Structure of the Course

The education system is so unique that you need not choose your field of career before joining an undergraduate course. You are allowed to take up subjects of your interest and at the end of the first year or, the second year, you are required to decide your field of specialization, or your area of major, as it is generally referred to. For example, you have chosen to take the business stream as your career option.You can apply to a university providing this course and decide later on your subject of major such as accounting, administration, finance, and other majoring options in the business field.


Superior Educational System

A typical class in the U.S. has about 10 to 20 students. This helps in a better student-teacher relation. The teacher can better concentrate on individual students and assess if they are actually able to grasp the knowledge. The standards of English language are high, and students are coaxed to be rational and hardheaded by allowing them to question authority. They are required to participate in group discussions wherein they master the skills on how to be effective in communication.


Grading System

Every week, topics are given, and students have to do further reading and research on the subject. By the end of the week, you are required to submit write-ups, hold oral presentations, or submit research papers about these issues. Unlike in other countries where you are graded based on the marks you attain in the final exam, in the American education system, a student is given a grade on all the assignments that he/she submits.For the sake of calculating your final grade, only a percentage of the marks that you attain in the final exam is added up.



For the first year, you are required to stay in a shared accommodation provided on the campus. After the completion of the first year, you can stay off-campus. Students have options like private housing and off-campus housing with dining options included in the package.


Universities in the USA

More than 3,000 institutions are offering 4-year undergraduate courses in the U.S. with over 150 universities being included in the Quacquarelli Symonds [QS] World University Rankings. The format of education is such that your four-year course has two parts. In the first part, you study a range of subjects some of which are compulsory and few are electives. In the second part, you decide to start focusing on a particular topic, wherein, you earn you major.


You have the opportunity to supplement your majors by completing classes in an additional field and earn a minor in a subject. Few students opt for doing a minor in a course before actually committing to it. Thus, they are able to test the waters of a particular field and see if it appeals to them.


The state of Massachusetts ranks eighth in the QS World University Rankings and is home to two of the world-leading universities namely Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT] and The Harvard University. These universities have a ranking of first and fourth place, respectively.


These universities are renowned for their efforts in research and are at the forefront of technology development. MIT is recognized for engineering, technology, and natural sciences. Harvard is known for arts, humanities, medicine, social sciences, life sciences and management.