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Immigration Requirements for Students

Now that you have chosen your desired field of study, finalized a university you want to be associated with, and have passed the mandatory exams like TOEFL and SAT. Now research about the immigration procedure, required documents, visa type relevant for you and other immigration issues. Take utmost care while applying for a visa as each application costs $160 and the U.S. Government has strict rules against reapplying, once rejected.


Types of Visa


There are three types of student visa, namely:

•    F –1 Visa: This is the most common type of visa. It is granted to students who have enrolled in an accredited U.S. college and intended to study for more than 18 hours a week.
•    M – 1 Visa: Individuals who plan to participate in non-academic courses can apply for this visa. Those who want to improve on the technical skills required for a particular job take non-academic courses.
•    J – 1 Visa: Exchange students apply for this visa, and they need to submit documentary evidence to uphold their claim.


Requirements of Application


Before applying for a student visa, you have to meet the following pre-requisites:


•    Pass an English proficiency test namely TOEFL,
•    Choose and apply with an educational institution. Letter of Acceptance from the school is mandatory,
•    Pay your Student and Exchange Visitor Information System or, popularly known as SEVIS Fee and get a copy of the I-20 from the educational institution,
•    Schedule an appointment with the visa application cell and attend the interview.


Always carry the following documents with you:


•    Your current and old passports
•    Print out of your appointment approval page,
•    Your SEVIS fee form,
•    One photograph conforming to the U.S. visa specifications,
•    A copy of all your supporting papers.