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Immigration Requirements for Students

The country has some immigration requirements for potential international students. This is to ensure their smooth integration into both their academic environment and the larger society.


Application requirement

International students from other continents outside Europe must apply for student visas. This privilege is exclusively reserved for full-time degree students only. The student visa for the UK is Tier 4. To be eligible for this visa, a student needs 40 points on the point-based system. A student can achieve these points through:

•    Course confirmation: Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies must be given to you by a university that is approved by UK Immigration and Visa. If you meet all the requirements in the Tier 4 Sponsor list, you will receive 40 points.
•   Funding: You are required to provide reliable evidence that you have the financial power to pay for your tuition fee and monthly living expenses. Tuition fee ranges from £9,000 to £37,500. There is about £1,500 monthly accommodation fee that you must pay in advance. Of course, you must pay for nine months in advance. If you meet up with the financial requirements here, you will receive 10 points.

Another factor that determines the visa requirement is your nationality in other country (ies) whose citizenship you also claim. To clear all doubts, it is advisable for you to find out the requirement for your country.


Student visa type


There is a general visa for all international students that want to study in the UK. This is called the Tier 4 or General Student Visa. To qualify for this visa, you must meet the following requirements:

•    You must be 16 and above
•    Must have been offered admission by a university
•    You should be able to speak, write, read, and understand English
•    You must have the financial means of sponsoring yourself irrespective of the cost of your education.
•    You must not be a Switzerland citizen or come from any country in the European Economic Area.


Cost of application

•    The cost of applying for student visa is about £375.
•    You must also pay a healthcare surcharge of almost £150 per academic year. You have to pay this surcharge together with the application fee before your application will be considered.
•    One other factor that determines your application cost is whether you are coming alone or with some dependants. If you also want to depend on a UK citizen, this will also reflect on how much your application will cost you.