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United Kingdom

Have you ever dreamt of setting your feet in a country flowing with bliss and natural beauty? Have you longed to study in a country that upholds discipline and embrace education whole-heartedly? Do you wish to bag a degree at one of the best universities in the world, tutored by seasoned lecturers and the best technology without spending extra years? If these are your desires, the best place in the world where you can actualize your dreams is the United Kingdom (U.K).


The country has the necessary requirements conducive to acquiring the best educational training available in the world. The political setting in UK is transparent such that the relationship between the Prime Minister and the parliament is robust. The attendant political stability makes learning appealing without any fear of political instability that can have negative effects on you and your education.


Why study in The UK


The UK system of education is far better in attaining high level of subject specialization earlier enough than the United States due to the standard of its education and other factors. This enables students complete their education within the stipulated time and have enough time to develop their career.


The UK has a well-formed system of education that aids in providing high quality education to both its citizens and non-citizens.


Global Recognition

The UK educational system is highly respected worldwide for providing the best higher education. The unparalleled quality of education offered by the universities in this country has turned it to a Mecca of sort for individuals who appreciate quality education. Some of the best internationally-recognized universities in the UK are Cambridge, Oxford, and London School of Economics.


Climatic Conditions

• The UK lies between 49 and 61N mid-latitudes on the Western seaboard of Afro-Eurasia. This is responsible for its temperature that lies between 8oc and 11oc.

• Summer in the UK lasts from June to August while autumn lasts from September to November. This period is also recorded as the stormiest time of the year.

• The weather condition is generally cool and conducive for learning.


Cost of living

• The living expense in the UK is 0.12% lower than in the USA. Here students can get low prices for goods compared to the United States.

• Also, rent in the UK is 16.12% lower than that of the USA, enabling students get accommodation at low cost.

• These little differences in cost of living and other factors make schooling in the United Kingdom easier than that of the United States.


Quality assured

The international recognition gained by universities in the United Kingdom is a product of decades of quality education that is encouraged via some of the best educators in the world, and an environment that is politically and socially conducive to learning.

To assure this, the country has a regulatory body which ensures that schools meet up with the standard set by the education ministry. This guarantees students access to uncompromised good education.



Future prospects


Due to the quality of education offered to students by UK universities, they are always employable anywhere in the world. The country itself has many job openings for graduates because of the belief that the best intellectuals should be given the opportunity to contribute to the development of the country.


If you go through some sites for job seekers, you will see different job opportunities for graduates who meet the requirement for employment.


Apart from the country itself, the international labor market considers UK-trained graduates as well-trained and qualified to handle any post in any discipline. That is one of the major reasons why almost 200,000 non-EU students arrived in the country in December 2015. By March 2016, more than 200,000 non-EU students applied for student visa in the country.


In view of all this, it can rightly be said that UK is one of the best places in the world to have the best education.


When you combine quality education with good climate, an environment that is conducive to learning, and political stability, you definitely have the recipe for academic excellence. That is exactly what the educational system of the United Kingdom has been offering thousands of international students for decades.