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New Zealand

New Zealand has one of the best education systems in the world. The Program for International Student Assessment has it that the education system of this country is rated 7th best in the world. Students from New Zealand are exceptional in science, mathematics, and reading.


New Zealand is one of the most peaceful and stable countries on the globe. The democratic institutions of the country were rated among the top 5 in the world in 2011. The country was equally rated as the best in terms of zero-tolerance to corruption and transparency. This is attested by the huge turnover of 79% of the electorate in recent elections. Almost 70% of the population also expresses confidence in their political institution. What is the result of these?


• Stable political system

• Vibrant economy

• Improved standard of living

• Safe environment

• The living condition in New Zealand is conducive to learning. There are accommodations near the school, as well as excellent public transport services that will take you anywhere in the country


These are some of the important reasons why thousands of international students consider having a feel of the peaceful existence of this country in addition to its first-class education system.


Why Study in New Zealand


Perhaps you have been thinking Why should you study in New Zealand of all the countries in the world? Several other people are equally thinking the same way. Many potential international students have asked this question in the past. What did they find out?


To their utmost surprise, local purchasing power and rent prices are lower in New Zealand than in the United States. Compared to the UK, New Zealand increases your chances of being employed. Is that not great? Some other positive sides of New Zealand are:


Number of universities

New Zealand has eight universities. These universities cater for the educational need of almost 200,000 students. According to QS World University Rankings 2016/2015, seven of these universities are ranked among the top 500 universities in the world.


Global recognition

Universities in New Zealand are recognized internationally as some of the best in the world. This cannot be isolated from the quality of their education. The degrees from this country are known to be a result of perfect marriage of good research work and excellent practical work. In fields like biotechnology, food science, forensic science, technology, and marine engineering, graduates from New Zealand are known to be the best.


Favorable climate

During summers, the northern part of the country experiences subtropical weather, while the South Island is usually cold, with temperature as low as -10oc or 14of. Since most of the country is near the coast, the temperatures are mild. As you travel from the north to the south, the temperature of the country decreases leading to a more favorable climate. The first two months of the year, January and February, have the highest temperature, while July has the lowest temperature throughout the year.


Good health care

In a national survey carried out in 2015, most New Zealanders were discovered to be healthy. To maintain that trend, the government has put wonderful measures in place to make health care available to every citizen of the country not minding where the citizen is located in the country. Some of these measures include patient portals and community services card.


Safe environment

Due to the political stability of New Zealand and the absence of internal crisis or external invasion, the country is relatively safer than most countries in the world. This is very significant as it assures you of both the safety of your properties and life.


Living expenses

In New Zealand, the cost of living is affordable compared with other developed countries in the world. This is connected with the policies of the government that provide an enabling environment for all New Zealanders. Accommodation costs are reasonable. Purchasing power is better than that of the United States. These are the pointers to the uniqueness of the country.


Quality education

Some of the best teachers in the world tutor Students in the universities in this country. This gives you an opportunity to have access to quality education. This is the reason why your choice of New Zealand will be worthwhile.


Future Prospect


New Zealand enjoys one of the best employment rates in the world. The unemployment rate in the country is about 7%. The government also creates an enabling environment for graduates of its universities to be integrated into the nation’s workforce.


In the international community, your degree from the top universities gives you recognition and many opportunities to contribute your little quota to the development of the world. In a nutshell, your chances of being gainfully employed increase if you study in New Zealand.