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Immigration Requirements for Students

Nothing is a beautiful as studying in Canada. Most of the word’s adorable learning centres are found in this place. Lovely enough, visitors from other parts of the world are highly welcomed to pursue their studies here. As long as you meet the eligibility requirement, and have the authentic visa, you are allowed to study in Canada.
Student Visa


Canadian student visa is referred as Study Permit. You can apply online or through a paper application for the visa. To qualify for the visa:


•    You must have been accepted by a university in Canada. Get a letter of acceptance from the institute. If you are intended to study at a university in Quebec province, you will also need a Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ) from Quebec government.
•    Further, you need to get a Canadian student visa application package and a temporary residence permit (if you are from a designated country). To get the package, you need to give a brief interview that will determine your eligibility for application.
•    In some cases, you may require a police clearance certificate for good conduct, a medical certificate of good health.

To get a visa, you can either conduct the whole application process online by visiting the official CIC website, or apply directly through the Canadian embassy in your country. Sometimes, the process of getting visa proves to be very hectic and tiresome. Through the help of registered agents, most students have been able to enjoy smooth visa processing and quick acceptance in Canadian universities. Immigration permit can be granted easily through a registered agent because he is better known and respected than the student applying. Furthermore, an agent stands by your side during an interview or an interrogation to offer any critical assistance.


Documents required before getting a student visa to Canada:


•    A completed visa application form.
•    A letter of acceptance from the university (original).
•    A valid passport document.
•    Two current passport-sized photographs.
•    Proof of your financial support including tuition fees and other amounts.
•    An explanatory letter.