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Covering half of the northern part of the American continent, Canada is a place that is known for natural attractiveness and beauty. Few countries around the globe can really compare themselves to the wealth of lakes, forests, and mountains that Canada has, not to talk of the multicultural diversity that exists. English and French are concurrently used for both official and government documentation. It’s amazing that a country that is even smaller than one state in the US (California) has such a record of being the world’s second largest country. It is also a place well noted for its sparse population.


Canada is among the best destination for international students with popular provinces for students around the globe being Quebec and Ontario. These places are home to most of the top universities not just in Canada, but around the world as well. It offers great scenery and environment for studying and working.


Why study in Canada


Global Recognition

The existence of a myriad of programs to choose from and the availability of hands-on learning capabilities coupled with a theoretical approach puts Canada on top of one of the best destinations for higher education around the world. However, courses differ from campus to campus and from institution to institution, all Canadian universities offer world-class tuition services geared towards producing global leaders of the next generation.


Better Opportunities

One other thing that makes Canada a haven is that those international students who have graduated from Canadian higher educational institutions and wish to work in the country are given the node to apply and acquire the permanent residency visa. It is also on record that more than 90% of international student graduates as well as national graduates from all Canadian Institutions get work within the first six months of their completion. This is why Canada is an all-encompassing destination for real educational experience.


Efficient Education

Apart from offering the best of health insurance services, universities in Canada are known to producing resourceful and internationally recognized degrees. Most of these universities are ranked among the world’s 100 best universities. Studying in Canada comes with a myriad of program choices right from the undergraduate level to the PhD level. Tuition is also very low and cost about half of what you would need to get the same education in the USA.


One excellent and great thing about studying in Canada is that as an international student, you can work whiles getting your education. There are a lot of corporate paid internship programs that international students are qualified to apply.


Generally, the country is a multicultural destination that encompasses many diverse cultural backgrounds and gives international students a plethora of enthusiastic knowledge seeking spree to find out more including learning of languages. Aside country is generally a peaceful and politically stable. No wonder it is one of the countries tagged as the best place to live by the United Nation


Future prospects


For most international students, it becomes imperative to get a side job in order to support your education. Canada is a place where you can get a side job that will support you to make a living and pay other student bills. You can get work off-campus or on-campus for about 20 hours through the university semester times. During break time, you can get a full-time job that will earn you enough to keep up the bills at all times.


There are many job opportunities available to students after school. It is on record that 90 percent of international and local students from Canadian universities get jobs in the first six months of their completion. This is a big opportunity to make good use of that Canadian reputation to get you a good job. Many companies in Canada are ready to make use of your skills.