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Cost of Living in Australia

In a year, you will spend about AUD20, 000 annually as an international student. This will cover accommodation cost, clothing, food, entertainment, telephone, travel, and other costs. There may be differences in this cost from one student to another based on individual differences and circumstances.


This is the breakdown of the average living cost for international students:

•    If you have a partner, your partner will spend approximately AUD 7, 000 per year.
•    If you come along with kids, you will spend about AUD 3,000 on each of your kids.


Types of Accommodation

In Australia, you have different accommodation options to choose:
•    On Campus Hostels
•    Off Campus rental apartments
•    Home Stay with family if they are near the campus


These accommodations are provided to reduce the stress of personally looking for accommodation in the country. You can avail yourself of this provision to make your learning more convenient. Due to the competitive drive for accommodation, apply for it in advance if you are interested.


Part Time Employment

As a student, you have the privilege of working on a part-time basis. This will give you the financial power to supplement your parent’s financial assistance. You can work for about 20 hours per week during school period or full-time during vacations. Averagely, you can earn about AUD 20 per hour.



International students coming for education in this country pay their tuition fee in advance. Postgraduate students who are into research that will benefit the country can apply for Overseas Postgraduate Research Scholarships.  The country offers over 300 different scholarships to students from the four corners of the world. These scholarships may be sponsored by the institution as research grants. There is also International Postgraduate Research Scholarship by the government for research students who are into a postgraduate program.  Students at Bachelors and Masters Levels can enjoy part scholarships if they achieve outstanding academic excellence.  Some institutions offer scholarships to students to encourage such students to set sterling academic performance as their goals.


Entry Requirement

The entry requirement into universities in Australia depends on the course you want to study. These are some of the requirements.

Bachelors Degree

•    Good result from high school. Alternately, you can provide evidence of 12 years of education. Some courses like engineering and computing require Mathematics in addition to science.
•    6.0 IELTS / 79 TOEFL / 50 PTE

Some of the requirements for Masters Degree include:

•    Good result from a reputable university in your Bachelors Degree
•    Work experience in the related discipline
•    6.5 IELTS / 90 TOEFL / 60 PTE

Application Procedure

There are two major intake periods in Australia. These are usually in February and July. However, some universities have an extra intake in September and November. In order to avoid unnecessary delay, you should try to process your application about 4 months before intake.

Some of the documents you need to process your application are:

•    Your resume
•    Your Score sheets and certificates from 10th grade.
•    Passport photograph
•    Statement of purpose
•    Work experience and documents to back it up

You should make these documents available as part of the application process.

Future Prospects

Australia offers you many opportunities that are rare anywhere in the world. With the best teachers in the field and environment that is conducive to learning and academic excellence, you will do yourself a lot of good if you choose the country for your academic pursuit.