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Immigration Requirements for Students

The procedure to obtain a study visa is split into two parts. In the first part, you have to get a Schengen Visa, which is only temporary, with a validity of 90 days. After getting the Schengen Visa, you have to travel to the country [where you intend to study] and contact the local visa and get a residency permit. This permit helps you to move freely within the countries who are part of the Schengen Agreement. Getting a Schengen Visa and a residency permit would be a sufficient requirement unless you intend studying in the United Kingdom or Ireland. However, getting a visa is not easy and enough. It is better to look for a registered agent or consultant who can help you in understadning the immigration and visa laws. An agent can also offer other hands-on services such as air ticketing, currency exchange, and more, which otherwise could be a tiersome job when moving to a new world.


Application requirements


You need to apply for the Schengen Visa with the embassy of the country where you intend to study. To apply, you need the following:

•    Valid passport
•    Letter of acceptance from your university
•    Travel itinerary
•    A Documentation proving your capability to finance your stay in Europe. You can submit documents like cash in convertible currency, traveller’s cheque, credit cards, or any other means that guarantees funds in hard currency.
•    At least two passport-sized photos
•    Medical insurance valid for your entire stay in Europe
•    A bank receipt to prove you have paid the processing fee
•    Supporting document with regards to lodging. However, it might not be necessary to submit this proof if you are financially capable of supporting your stay and accommodation costs while in Europe.


Depending on the country you will be applying to, you may be required to submit additional documents. For example, some states require you to submit a police verification report, confirming that there are no legal cases pending against you and that you do not have any past adverse legal record.


Approval Time-Frame


The Consulate issues Schengen Visa within a maximum time frame of 3 months. If you have not received any notification in this time, then the consulate has probably rejected your application. You should usually receive a reply in a months’ time.