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European Union

Students believe that the European Union in general and Germany, in particular, are the creator and innovator of most of the tech available today. This belief attracts many students to Germany every year. Another advantage that Germany offers in education is the lack of tuition fees. That is right, you need not pay for your education in the country, and this offer is open for students of foreign countries as well. Scared that you cannot cash-on on this offer due to lack of knowledge of the German Language, then your concern is unnecessary as all the universities which take in international students have employed English speaking staff and teachers.

Asian students will connect with the perfect weather conditions existent in the European Union. Moreover, since EU allows free movement of students among its member countries, you will see a highly homogenous mixture of students in your class. In comparison to other English speaking countries, the labour market of EU is bigger and provides many options.

Scenarios like the cases of terrorist attacks, attacks arising out of hatred, and other such cases are very rare. EU is a safe option to study in, as the rate of crime is very low. Thereby allowing you to put in your efforts to concentrate on your studies rather than worrying about your safety. People, living, studying, and working in the EU are friendly in nature and keep to themselves rather than interfering in others matters.

Why Study in the European Union

Studying abroad should be on the to-do list of every graduate. It helps in exposing you to the different cultures and traditions in the world. In a globalised world, companies recruit and employ individuals from a range of nations to keep a healthy and heterogeneous mixture of human resource in their kitty. If you want to project yourself as a job-worthy individual, you have to know about the traditions and cultures of various countries and learn how to deal with people of different cultures and origins. This will help you in syncing with your team and getting the task done quickly.

Do not look at studying abroad as a means to get a technical degree from a foreign university. Look at it, as a means of equipping your leadership capabilities. One of the other reasons that you should study abroad is that you get to see the world, make new friends and find new interest. When you study in Sweden, you might fall in love with skiing, or when you visit Greece, you feel like becoming an architect. You might consider studying in Spain and fall in love with its vineyards and think that you should learn the science of oenology.

There are more than 3,300 universities roughly in the European Union and approximately 4,000 universities in the Europe continent as a whole. In the QS World Universities Ranking - 348 Universities feature among the world’s top 900 universities. The United Kingdom being the leading country followed by Germany and France.

A bachelor’s degree programs in EU is for duration of three years and a master’s program lasts one or two years. Moreover, you have to complete the master’s degree before taking up the PhD program. Unlike western countries where the emphasis is on the breadth of education, the EU education system focuses on depth, which is why you are required to study both graduate and master’s program before applying for a PhD.

When you add the ranking data of all the universities in the European Union except the UK, it comes second in comparison. However, the cost of education in the European Union is considerably cheaper thereby, offering value for money. Moreover, students also find studying in Europe safer than attaining a degree elsewhere. This is true when compared to other countries where violence and gun shooting are rampant, and a high incidence of racial hatred is prevalent.

You can attain a degree in your homecountry from an any university, so why to go to Europe to study. Well, a degree obtained from an institute in Europe certainly has a higher value because of the quality of education available and the fact that a degree from Europe is world renowned, or for a mere fact that you went against all the odds to attain a degree from a foreign country.

Future Prospects

With a European educational certificate in hand, you have better opportunities. There is a negative sentiment generated with Brexit. However, Anchorthe exit of the UK from EU has benefits too. Member countries of European Union, which could not compete with Britain regarding pricing, earlier, will now be at par. This improves the job market of these countries and in general, promotes the employment sector of the European Union.

As per the World Bank data, European has a high life expectancy ratio of 80.7 and the GNI per capita on an averageis USD 34,400 with Austria being the highest of USD 47,120 and Bulgaria being the lowest with USD 7,200. The figures are approximated.

Your prospects are also dependent on the marks and the grades that you attain in the exam. Hence, it is imperative to put in the best efforts and get a decent grade/marks to lead a better life in future.