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Business Visas

Business Visa is a non-immigrant visa to the USA. If you are set to travel to the U.S for a short time for business purposes that don’t need actual labor work or local employment, you can get a business visa.


If you want to smoothen your American business visa application, an agent can help you simplify the process further. Registered agents have appropriate level of knowledge to give investors accurate pieces of advice. Those who are planning to attend a conference, sign a treaty trade, or discuss short-term business plans can ask help from an agent to acquire a Business Visa seamlessly. Typically, there are two types of business visas - B1 or Visitor for Business visa and B2 or Visitor for Pleasure visa. Often both the visas are given together as the nature of them is relatively similar. However, both are essentially different.


B1 Visa


Visitor for Business visa is granted for business purpose that basically limited to business negotiations, consultation with associates and litigation, and participation in business meetings, conventions, seminars, scientific, educational or other type of legitimate commercial activity.

To get B1 Visa you need to ensure:


♦   That your trip is strictly for business

♦   The duration of stay is specific and limited

♦   You have a valid proof of funds needed to cover your expenses during the stay

♦   You have a permanent residence outside the USA, and that you will definitely return


However, if you fall under the Visa Waiver Scheme, you don't need a business visa to visit America for three months or less.


B2 Visa


If you are visiting the United States for tourism, pleasure or to visit your family, then you should apply for B2 visa. This category of non-immigrant visitor visa is often given in combination with B1 visa. Visitor visa is issued only for a definite period and specific activity. So be very clear and calculative about the time.