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The United States is a highly developed country that ranks high in almost all measures of socioeconomic performance. This includes human development, workforce productivity, and average wage. With its nominal and real GDP, it is also considered to be the world's largest economy. What's more is that it currently leads in the international force of politics, culture, research and technology. All of these explain why people consider the US as their dream destination. In fact, according to the Asian Nation, the US is such a popular destination for immigrants that over 5.6% of the total population in the country is composed of other nationals; that is about 18.9 million!


Job Opportunities

Professionals looking for better opportunities usually turn to the USA. The job opportunities in America usually pay a lot better than most other developed countries. And if that's not enough, the country also puts great value in every worker's right so you can ensure that you can work at the right fee.


Family Relocation

If you want to move in the USA with your family, then you need not make much effort. Reuniting family to immigrant workers is made easier by the State's law, which states that a person who is permanently living or working in the USA with proof that he or she has enough income can support a relative who wants to become a permanent resident of the same country.



With Harvard, Stanford and Princeton University amongst the notable education centers of the world, America in an education hub for aspiring students. Therefore, you have many great educational options for your children (if you want to bring them with you) or for yourself (if you want to pursue a higher degree of education).



The US has been considered a racially diverse country mainly because of the large migration rate from other countries all throughout history. American culture has integrated both the scientific and religious, the materialist and moralist, the conservatives and the liberals, etc. It is clear that the country is a haven for cultural diversity. If you wish to migrate there and still have little talks with people from your own country, there's a good chance that you'll be able to find an organization or community with members of your own kind.


Since there are a lot of immigrants in the country already, most of the citizens in America can easily accept differences in culture. You will not get stared at every time you decide to take a walk nor will you feel judged when you practice your own country's tradition. The people are friendly and welcoming. If you're lucky, you might easily find a new buddy right across the street. It's so easy to feel you belong in the USA.


The country's official language is English so if you're planning to live and work in America, it is best that you learn English. Don't worry about your accent! You may have a good laugh with some friends because of it, but people won't really mind it as long as they understand you. After all, everyone, even those who are natives in America, has an accent.


Health and Environment

The USA is one of the global leaders in medical innovation. In fact, it has contributed to 9 out of 10 most important innovation in a poll made by physicians.


You and your family can have access to affordable coverage options in the Health Insurance Marketplace. The law has stated that as long as you're a legal immigrant, you can buy private health insurances. Immigrants might be offered lower monthly costs for premiums, but it'll be mainly based on their income. Even if you have less than $11,490 salary and not eligible for a Medicaid, you may still be able to qualify for low-cost coverage.


The USA has issued several environmental regulations to address the changing climates, and diverse biota and geologies. With these regulations, the US government aims to reduce threats related to health and aid in preserving the environment. Therefore, you have little to worry about yours and your family's health.


Civic Amenities

To encourage the spirit of unity among different nationalities, the American Civic Association (ACA) offers a lot of programs to help immigrants, especially those who are still new. It mainly assists in maneuvering around the country's citizenship and immigration procedures. It also provides affidavits support and gives assistance in the naturalization process and petitions for an alien relative or fiancée so that the procedure will not last longer than it should.


ACA can also aid you in getting a Green Card, Visa, US and USCIS passport so you need not worry about figuring things out by yourself. What's more is that it can provide an interpreter and translation assistance if ever you need one.


Growth and Future


There are a lot of concerns about the future of US economy and whether or not it will still be able to lead the world in the business market in a few years time. With the rise of China, India, etc., the US might just be facing a big struggle to hold on to its current standing.


It has been predicted that the US GDP would grow by 2.2% in 2016. In a long term, around 2020, the projected GDP growth rate will amount to 2%. This is according to an econometric model. The drop in annual growth of real per capita GDP may look like a significant decline; however, if you take these figures at face value, it'll only mean that there has been and will be an increase in living standards. Transportation will be better. Education will be given a higher value. And Healthcare will be given more priority. Therefore, it's not exactly a bad news.


Having an annual per capita growth rate of 2.2% only means that your newly born children have the possibility of earning an income that is higher than what you are earning at the same age. It is, however, to be understood that not everyone will experience the same rate. There's always a possibility that a person will outperform it.


The modern growth theory has suggested that more than ¾ of US growth traced back in 1950 has been reflected in the rising research intensity and educational attainment. With the country's focus to further make workflow faster and easier, innovations have been created. The US aims to raise their economy back with the help of these innovations. The IT industry, together with Agriculture, Healthcare and Social assistance, Wholesale trade, and Mining, is the country's key to economic redemption.