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With 80% of the total GDP, the service sector contributes maximum towards the economy. And even though the global economic downturn had an adverse effect on the growth, the country has dramatically overcome from the recession and it is once again becoming a popular choice of professionals to work and live.
A major reason why Great Britain attracts a significant number of immigrants is its relatively strong economy combined with great working conditions and high living standards. If you want to work in the UK, you need to get a Tier 2 visa that is one of the most important entry visas for skilled workers from non-EEA nations. 
Tier 2 Visa
This visa is divided in four sub categories - General, Intra Company Transfer, Sports Person and Ministers of Religion. As the British government has tightened restrictions on work permit allocations for applicants outside European Union and European Economic Area. It would be difficlut for people without specialist skills or post graduate degree to work in the UK. You can apply for this visa if you have a job offer and a Certificate of Sponsorship from a Tier 2 sponsorship licensed UK employer. 
Following are the sub categories of Tier 2 visa:
General - 
You can apply under this category if you have a job offer for a position that cannot be filled by a settled worker. The government has introduced a cap on Tier 2 (General) visa that currently stands at 20, 700 people a year. However, anyone with a salary of £150,000 a year or above are excluded from this cap.
You are eligible to apply if you have:
• A certificate of sponsorship reference number. This is not applied if your sponsor is A-rated (fully approved).
• An appropriate salary that means £20,800 or above. There are certain other conditions when the salary is not considered. 
• £945 in savings to support you for first 90 days
• Result of required English test
Intra Company Transfer:
If you are working with a multi-national company and transferred by your overseas employer to fulfill a skilled job position in company's UK branch, then you must apply for Tier 2 (Intra
Company Transfer) Visa. 
You can be transferred as a:
• Long Term Staff - You will get the visa for more than 12 months on a position that cannot be filled by a new UK recruit.
• Short Term Staff - You will get the visa for up to 12 months.
• Graduate Trainee - You will be transferred into a graduate trainee program for specialist role if you are a recent graduate and have at least 3 months working experience with the employer.
• Skills Transfer - You don't have to work overseas for a set period of time. You need this visa if you want to gain skills and knowledge to perform your role overseas, or if you are required to train your UK colleagues.
Sports People:
This Tier 2 visa is offered to elite sportspersons or qualified coaches of highest level outside EEA and Switzerland. You need a Certificate of Sponsorship to apply for the Sports People sub category. 
Ministers of Religion:
The visa is given to people who are coming to the UK to fill a vacancy in a faith community. The vacancy could be a Minister of Religion, Missionary or a Member of Religious Order. You need to clear the English test and must have a Certificate of Sponsorship when applying for this visa.
As working visas are offered only in case of skill shortage within the country, showing a certificate of sponsorship is highly recommended. Your employer has to prove that the UK applicants are not as competent as you for the position. You must apply for the visa 3 months prior to the date of joining in the UK. Once lived for two to five years, you become eligible to apply for permanent residency.