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Family Visas

The UK laws of immigration and nationality for family members are highly complex and require expert handling and better understanding when applying.

The family visa category has many types - Married, Ancestry, Child, Partner, Unmarried Partner, Dependant Grandparent and more. If you want to bring your family to the UK, you need a 'Family of a Settled Person Visa' or 'Family Visitor Visa' depending on time and other conditions.


Family Visa is required:

•    To join your partner (spouse, fiancé(e), civil partner or unmarried partner)
•    To join your parent (s)
•    To look after your child or to be looked after by family



The criteria of eligibility are different depending on the type. However, you must fulfill the following:
•    Your partner or family member residing in the UK is a British Citizen or settled in the UK or lives under humanitarian protection in the UK.
•    You must be from outside EEA or Switzerland
•    You are 18 years or above unless applying as a child
•    The relationship is genuine and recognised by the law of the UK
•    You have enough living space in the UK
•    You or your family member or partner is intended to live together in the UK even after applying.


Partner Visa

To get a partner visa you must be one of the following:
•    Married
•    Civil Partners
•    Live in relationship for 2 years
•    Engaged to be married or to become civil partners


You also have to prove that your partner and you are above 18 years, both are in genuine relationship and none of you is involved in your previous relationship. Additionally, you must meet the financial requirements such as £18,600 per year if you’re applying only for yourself.


Child Visa

If one or both the parents of a child that is under 18 and lives outside the UK, are settled in the UK, then they can apply for Child Visa on his behalf.
To apply:
•    The child must be living with his parent or parents
•    Is not married or in any civil partnership or lives independently
•    His parent or parents will support the child


Parent Visa

If your child lives in the UK as a British citizen or settled in the UK, you can apply for Parent visa to live permanently with him.
To apply:
•    You must prove that your child is under 18, lives in the UK
•    You are the only parent of the child or you are solely responsible for them
•    Your child lives with another parent who needs your help in raising the child
•    You have to prove that you play active role in your child's upbringing
•    You can support yourself without calming for public funds