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Family Visas

As the name explains, this category includes a range of visa options which can explored by the applicants to help partners, the dependent family members and children to join those working or residing in New Zealand. Advantages of these visas are that the applicants do not need a job offer nor do they need to score a minimum point for applying. Some of the visas under this category are –


Partner Visa


This is dedicated for the partners of people residing or working at NZ. Different types of partner visas are –


Partner of a Worker Visa

This allows the applicant to work in NZ for 6 months, provided that their partner is in NZ on the work visa.


Partnership Resident Visa

This applies only if the applicant’s partner is a resident or a citizen of NZ. If this is the case, then the applicant can live in NZ indefinitely.


Partner of a Student Work Visa

If the applicant’s partner is studying for a long term in NZ, or working on any of the skilled occupations, then the applicant is allowed to live and work in NZ.


Child Visa


This is for the dependent children of a resident of NZ. There are 2 sub categories–


Dependent Child Resident Visa

If an NZ citizen or a resident have a dependent child abroad, through this visa, such children can come and live in NZ with their parents.


Dependent Child Student Visa

A few kinds of work visa holders are allowed to bring their dependent children living abroad to live with them. Such children can attend schooling, and are considered as domestic students, thereby foregoing their tuition fees.


Parent Visa


There are a lot of visa options under the parent visa segment. It is advised to contact an authorized migration agent to apply for the right one. This is to help the parents of the residents of NZ. Some of them are-


Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa

This visa gives parents and grandparents of NZ residents the freedom to visit their children multiple times using the same visa.


Parent Retirement Resident Visa

Parents of the residents of NZ, who choose to live with their children can apply through this visa and if granted, can live in NZ permanently.


Guardian of a Student Visitor Visa

Guardians or parents, whose children are in NZ on a student visa, can apply and live with the children until the student visa expires.