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Business Visas

Encouraging people to work and invest in a country is a positive way of boosting its economy and also sharing new business techniques and values. Business and investor visas are dedicated to people who can be beneficiary to the economy of New Zealand. Anyone who can invest a fixed certain amount on the government or businesses can apply through these visas.

People with certain set of business experiences and ready to invest can also make use of this opportunity. It also includes businesspersons who are ready to purchase an existing business in NZ, by investing in it. Most of the business visas, if approved, grants full residential opportunities for the applicant and their families. The following are the different types of business visas. It is very important to identify and apply for the right type of visa.

Investor 1 Resident Visa

If an applicant owns more than NZ $10 million and wishes to invest this in New Zealand for over 3 years, only then can they apply to get this residence visa. If granted, the applicant along with their family can visit and enjoy the lifestyle of NZ.  With this visa, the applicant can live, work and study in New Zealand. The applicant can also bring along the life partner and dependent children of the age below 24.

Investor 2 Resident Visa

This visa is dedicated to the experienced business people, who have a minimum of NZ $2.5 million at their disposal to invest in New Zealand. The applicant, while applying, should share the Expression of Interest including their business experience, investment and settlement funds.  The selected, such parties will be invited along with their family to apply for the residence visa. The applicant for this visa should be below the age of 65 and should fulfil all the other requirements. If granted, the applicant can stay in NZ indefinitely. Every year, the NZ government receives approx 300 applications under this visa category.

Long Term Business Visa (LTBV)

A Long Term Business Visa (LTBV) is for those who wishes to reside in New Zealand, working on their own business for a total of 3 years. If the applicant is accepted, the first visa will be valid only until 9 months to establish and understand the market. Before this period ends, the applicant should re apply for an extended visa for up to 3 years in total. This can be used to obtain a residence visa through the entrepreneur visas.  

Entrepreneur Visa

This category basically has 2 different sub divisions –


•    Entrepreneur Resident Visa

It is for those who have been self-employed in New Zealand for at least a period of 6 months, or who have operated a business for two years or more under a different visa that allows self-employment.


•    Entrepreneur Work Visa

This visa is for people who want to build and work for their own businesses. The applicant has to provide detailed information including a business plan and should invest a minimum of NZ $100,000. The applicant should also claim 120 points on the points scale. If the visa is granted, the applicant can buy or set up a business without living permanently, or as a first step towards New Zealand residence.