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New Zealand

Do you dream to live in a country where you are always just minutes away from scenic and beautiful location? Do you wish to live in a country that has a strong governance and extremely low crime ratio? If yes, you are meant to live in New Zealand! The government in New Zealand is very stable and it indeed boasts of minimal bureaucracy. The politicians are much more accessible and all you need to do is to approach them directly when needed!


If you want your kids to have more of a creative learning, there is no place for this than New Zealand. The education system is designed as it increases the ability of ‘how to think’ process of learning rather than relying on factual process.




The people of New Zealand have a laid back lifestyle, and the nature is only complimenting it. New Zealand is known for its work-life balance. In fact, the 2015 Expat explorer survey by HSBC ranked New Zealand second in all over the world for work-life balance. But although the inflation rate is only 0.91%, the cost of living is quite high here when compared to its neighbour, Australia, because of the low population and higher area of land.


The language spoken are English and Maori, with its capital being Wellington. The UN has ranked New Zealand at number 7 in the human development index, while Australia being at number two. All in all, working hard and getting ahead is very important for the Kiwis, but they do know how to live!




Although there is a slight increase in the unemployment rate in the march 2016 quarter to 5.7% from 5.3%, this should not raise a red flag, for we should consider the rate after the year is completed. The labour force increasing by 1.3%, is again a sign which says that New Zealand is a safe place to move now, especially for a few dedicated skill holders.


While New Zealand was not as lucky as Australia to not to suffer recession for the past 25 years, it did recover quickly from the 2008 global recession and is steady from then on. Although the employment conditions are expected to remain strong, the government have predicted that the growth rate will decline for the next 2 years up until 2018.




After the 2010-2011 earthquakes in the Canterbury area, the government have realized the need of skilled people to build the area back, and hence have listed a set of skills which are short in the country. If you belong to any of the skill sets mentioned in the list released by the authorities, getting a work visa or a residence visa might be much easier.


The construction work in the Canterbury area, and an increase in the domestic incomes are the main reason for the government to predict growth in immigration, but at a lower rate. That being said, the role of the Canterbury area is slowly decreasing and employment rate in manufacturing industries in the Auckland area is increasing. With the lord of the rings fame, WETA studio is hiring a lot of animators and for many other posts in the IT sector as well.