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Business Visa

The main aim of Business visa is to attract imminent business individuals, by offering them permanent residence. In return, the government makes sure that such individuals are an asset to the Canadian economy.


Applicants for business visa include venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals who are non-Canadians, and their involvement would boost the Canadian economy.


To make this more organized; the Canadian government has introduced the Canadian Business Immigration Program, in which there are mainly four different sub sections. Each section has targeted different traits like funds, skills, business culture and so on. Such applications terminate temporarily, based on the demand and an expert’s help in applying to the right program, and would go a long way.


Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program

This program was introduced to boost the economy further and to invite the business investors to the Canadian society. International investors who retain the essential skills and capabilities to contribute to the Canadian economy can apply through this program.

Basic Criteria for Application:

    •    The candidates' assets should be valued more than CAD $10 million
    •    They should be prepared to invest in a non-guaranteed bond of worth CAD $2 million
    •    They should hold a Canadian diploma of minimum 1 year and language proficiency


Entrepreneurs Program

The government has rolled out this program to encourage entrepreneurship in Canada. This encourages individuals who have experience in running a successful business and who intend to own and run a business creating new jobs to boost the economy.

Basic Criteria for Application:
    •    The applicant should acquire a minimum of 33.3% of shares in a Canadian company and should manage it.
    •    The business should create a minimum of one new job offered to a Canadian Citizen.
    •    The minimum worth of such applicants should be CAD $300,000/-.


Self-Employed Persons Program

This program is designed to invite the individuals who intend to and have the skills to be a self-employed person upon immigrating. If approved, they can immigrate to any place in Canada other than Quebec.

Basic Criteria for Application:

The applicants should have appropriate skill, objective and capability to either contribute to the Canadian society through sports or arts; or to purchase and manage a farm in Canada. Additionally, they should have minimum of 2 years of experience in the relevant field.

Business Visitor Visa

This visa is offered to foreign individuals to visit Canada for a short duration, for conducting business meetings. Individuals who wish to visit Canada, to engage in international business activities without affecting the Canadian labour market can apply through this program.

Basic Criteria for Application:

    •    The applicants must provide their source of income and their work place outside Canada.
    •    They are granted the visa for not more than 6 months of stay if they can prove that their profits are emerging from outside Canada, and that they plan to leave as soon as their reason of visit is terminated.
    •    The applicants should not pose any criminal or security risks to Canadians.