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Canada has been consistently chosen by many entities, including the UN, as the best country to live in. It has also been chosen as the second best country, overall. Canada being the second largest country in the world has natural resources in abundance, including the oil reserves. With a stable government and growing economy, Canada has become one of the most popular countries to work and study.


» Healthcare - Canada has a public funded healthcare, which offers free healthcare services to all citizens, regardless of medical history or personal income of an individual.


» Economy – Canadian economy is substantially stable, gaining the country a secured position amongst the top ten economies of the world. With dominance obtained from the service industries, it is growing steadily. It is also a member of OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).


» Education – The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) rated the Canadian education system among the top countries. With the tuition fees lower than the U.S, studying in Canada has been the perfect choice for many students.





Canada enjoys a progressive lifestyle, thanks to multiculturalism. The fact that Canada adopted multiculturalism as a policy, and was the first country to do so, speaks a lot about it. By guaranteeing equal rights and respecting all cultures, Canada has made sure to get the best out of all of them.


Canadians love their country and the regions. English and French are the highly spoken languages in the country. Due to its diverse culture, the people are known to be very friendly, polite and community oriented.



Growth and Future


With vast lands and abundant natural resources, Canada has one of the most stable economy in the world. The GDP being as high as $1.79 trillion, it is highly influenced by the service industry. Canada was one of the first nations to have paid maternity leaves, which makes it a better country to work at, when compared to the United States of America. The Healthcare and University tuition fees are also low, when compared with other developed nations. It was noted in a survey that the average salary of a Canadian is even more than that of a U.S.A counterpart. Hence with much better social benefits, a growing economy, the best multi-cultural society, and with its promising policies on immigration, Canada, as always, happens to be a promising country in terms of future.