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Why use services of a MARA Agent

Although the immigration to Australia has its own significance in the world history, the current Australian immigration laws is governed by The Migration Act of 1958 and The Migration Regulations, 1994, which follows the universal visa system demanding all the applicants to hold a valid passport of any country and a visa to enter and stay in Australia.


For a permanent visa, Australia follows a system wherein it considers two major factors;


» The migration program - This program consists of three streams; skilled stream, family stream and special eligibility stream. Under this program, the ministry has power to put a cap on the number of visa applicants. Over the last decade there has been an increase in the applicants via skilled stream as compared to the family stream.


» The humanitarian program - Under this program, a pre decided number of visas will be provided, both off and on shore for the refugees and under special humanitarian grants.


For applicants from the skilled stream under the migration program, the country follows a ‘Hybrid' selection system considering two factors; point based system and employer sponsorship option.


Apart from these, number of other temporary visa options are also available for consideration. All in all Australia offers more than 140 types of visas. Hence for the process of applying, it is very important to understand and choose the right type of visa. This is one of the major reasons why a MARA expert could be of great help.


How a MARA agent can help with Immigration and Visa issues ?

To answer this, first it is important to know what MARA actually stands for and what do they do. MARA stands for ‘Migration Agents Registration Authority'. They work closely with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, operating worldwide.
The main objectives of MARA are -
» To make the applicants understand their rights
» To make sure the registered agents understand their obligation towards their clients
» To make sure that the agents provide timely and accurate advice to their clients
» To effectively handle complaints.
Having said that, a few main advantages of hiring a Red Earth Migration agent are -


We understand the migration law thoroughly -

One of the main reasons to hire us is because we know the law of the land in and out. Would you consider handling a land litigation all by yourself instead of consulting an advocate? It is for this same reason a MARA agent's help is recommended. Although applying for a visa is mostly administrative work, a lot of thought and understanding goes behind this and a thorough knowledge of the subject is elementary.


Efficiency -

Contrary to the common thought, in practice, hiring a MARA agent is not only time efficient, but also cost efficient. An applicant saves a great deal of time and money when things get cleared in the first time. Imagine the stress and agony one has to go through if the application get rejected and requires to be done all over again! It would be the story of ‘penny wise pound foolish', to not get the help of registered MARA agent while applying.


Peace of Mind -

Although this cannot be valued in terms of money, this still remains as one of the most important reason why people hire us. Application for a visa could only mean either migration or travel. In both such cases, it is important to remember that, applying for the visa will NOT be your only job. An average applicant has to worry about many such details and also co-ordinating them. It indeed helps to know that an assigned person would help you in at least one of these processes.


Experience -

It is very important to understand that, an applicant would be undergoing the process of immigration for the first time, on an average. But an agent would be doing this for ages and he would be simply good at it. And it does not help if the applicant has applied to a different country previously, as the laws and norms remain different to each and every country. As Mr. Anand Gupta, a Registered MARA agent, is located in Perth, Australia, we have an added advantage for applicants. Call us now on +91-11-47505865, 47505866 or send us a query at info@redearthmigration.com or info@redearthmigration.com.au to better understand the laws and formalities needed for a relaxed stay in Australia.