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Apart from being one of the most dynamic countries in the world with its vast and variant landscape, Australia is also rated as the world's happiest nation among the developed economies, three times in a row! It was also rated as a nation with a very high human development index, judged by considering parameters like life expectancy, education and income.


Here are the main factors which make Australia stand apart from the rest of the world -


Multicultural Society

Did you know Australia celebrates diversity in harmony day, every year on the 21st of March? This is because it has been reported that almost half of the population in Australia were either born overseas or have a parent who belonged to a different nation.


Lower Population

The population density Of Australia is very low. To be precise, Australia has scored only 3.3 density/(km2) where as China's score is 18,534 density/(km2)!!


Work Opportunities

Australia has a very low unemployment rate. Moreover, it is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers. Hence each year, a lot of people are moving in to Australia to cover up these vacancies.


Effective Healthcare

Apart from the private healthcare available across the country, Australia's Medicare offers basic medical care to all residents of the country.


Plenty to explore

Australia has a much-diversified environment and offers a lot to explore from caves to oceans, wild life to underwater creatures. The country is also home to many endangered and rare species of animals like Tasmanian tigers and many more. Exploring Australia is indeed like exploring any other continent!


Extreme care about environment

Australians are very proud of what their country has to offer. Hence they go a great extent to protect and conserve the environment. Did you know that the authorities make a survey on the impact towards the environment, before giving a green signal to the construction of any building? They also have wooden planks on beaches to walk around, so that we do not disturb the grass beneath the sand.



Australia has more than 200 languages spoken within the boarders, most of them, being indigenous. However, English is the official language of the country and Australia, being a part of the commonwealth nations, their English has been greatly influenced by the British. The thick Australian accent might seem hard to catch up at first, but you can gradually learn their informal way of speaking.


Importance to Leisure

Australians are laid back people and give a lot of importance to leisure, while the sunny weather throughout the year only compliments this behaviour. Swimming pools and tennis courts are not a rare sight in most of the Australian neighbourhoods.


Cost of Living

When compared to the other developed nations in the west, the standard of living in Australia is quite high while the cost of living remains low. Australians believe in owning their homes and do that majestically, when compared to their western counterparts. Although there has been a boom in the housing market in Australia since 2003, the houses are still quite affordable.





Innovation and Research


Australian universities are known for educating students in its own style with constant encouragement towards innovation. This makes their research teams better than the western universities as well. Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney are a few cities homing some of the world renounced universities in Australia. But equally competent are the universities in Wollongong, Canberra, Hobart and Gold coast.


Strong and Stable Economy


It is a widely known fact that the stable government at Sydney had a lot of influence on Australia becoming one of the most popular education destinations across the globe. A government by the people, for the people, has been literally followed in Australia. Australia also have a very promising and up worth economy among the developed nations.




In contrary to the major belief, it is easier for the students to get scholarships, if they are attending an Australian university. There are plenty of scholarships to help students to choose their favourite university. Some of the well-known scholarships for overseas students, funded by the Australian government are -

  » Australian Awards Scholarships (AAS) - This is dedicated to the students hailing from countries within the Asia pacific, Africa and Middle East, perusing all degree levels (bachelors, masters, PhD).

  » Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students - This is a merit based scholarship for International students dedicated to post graduate students from Asia pacific, Middle East, Europe and Americas.

  » Australia International Post Graduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) - This is a postgraduate level scholarship dedicated to research students hailing from all regions, except Australia and New Zealand.





If you're an International student, studying at one of the Australian universities, it is strongly recommended to gain some work experience in Australia, although the certificates offered by these universities are accepted widely across the globe. The government offers extended work visa for such candidates. International students of bachelor's and master's graduation are eligible for 2 years of extended work visa, whereas students who have completed masters through research or the PhD students are eligible up to 4 years of visa.


If you are not an International student, and willing to work in Australia, the procedure might be a bit lengthy, but nothing tricky. However, you can always take the help of authorized MARA agents at Red Earth Migration, who will be helpful to a greater extent in such case.


The first and foremost thing to be checked in such cases is that if your occupation is on the Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) and/or Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) of visa sponsorship for Australia. If the status has been marked in green, in the government's website, it means you are good to go, provided you fulfil all other criteria. In this case, there is no need for a job offer from an Australian employer to apply for the visa. However, this doesn't mean that you will get a job as soon as you get the visa. You shall have to find a job eventually, being present on site.


The Australian government hasn't put a cap on any of the professions yet, but they do select the immigration applicants through their database called the Skillselect. It is always advisable to consult a MARA expert to assess the opportunities in Australia for your occupation.